Jyotsna’s discography is vast, charting her career from prolific film soundtrack instrumentalist, to accompanist to the likes of the legendary Dr M. Balamuralikrishna. Her solo discography crystallizes her creative mission to fuse traditional Carnatic music and Western Jazz.

The history of the violin in India is thought to date back to 19th century, introduced at the Court of Travancore by legendary instrumentalists Vadivelu and Baluswami Dikshitar. Conversations raised by the adoption and transformation of the European instrument into Indian tradition interweave neatly with Jyotsna’s own deep-set interest in exploring the comparative techniques between the two traditions. 

Jyotsna’s sound is distinct, mirroring her many influences. At times her tone is strong and romantic harking back to the lushly orchestrated cinematic soundtracks of her early career, at times she consciously echoes the slipping and sliding microtonal modulations of traditional fiddle players from rural Mysore where the instruments are constructed from a coconut shell and single string. At other times she strides in sixties jazz swing or winds and waxes a contemporary looping motif. Jyotsna prizes the concept of bhava (emotion), imbuing every note with audible passion and intensity.


Carnatic Connection

2016 / Stern’s Music

Bangalore Dreams

2015 / United Sound Records

Call of Bangalore

2013 / Riverboard Records

Carnatic Lounge

2011 / Times Music

Carnatic Jazz

2011 / Sanskriti

Fusion Dreams

2010 / Times Music


2005 / Earthbeat


2000 / Earthbeat