Carnatic Connection with Bollywood Brass Band

Strings meet brass in this new collaboration of Jyotsna with the Bollywood Brass Band (BBB), bringing together virtuosic violin playing and funky brass and drums.

A fusion of Bollywood and Carnatic filmi sounds are presented from the legendary composer Illayaraja to the ubiquitous AR Rahman, whose classics Jiya Jale, Kehta Hai Mehra Dil and Kehna Hi Kya feature Jyotsna Srikanth’s mellifluous violin playing, while the Oscar-winning Jai Ho is given the dance-floor treatment.

Deva Deva Kalayami grounds us squarely in the Carnatic tradition with a classical melody in raga Mayamalava Gowla, where Jyotsna leads BBB on a virtuosic, improvisatory journey incorporating the interplay of duets with the brass.

“Rousing, exuberant and exquisite”
Robin Denselow, The Guardian

“Punchy dhol drum rhythms, fiery trumpet and sax solos, plus the silky rich tones of Jyotsna’s violin. A rare and thrilling mix. Two new compositions to dramatic scenes from the 1948 film Chandralekha are super-spectacular when performed live”
Simon Broughton for London Evening Standard